Digital marketing strategies for Startups

The coronavirus outbreak has dramatically affected businesses wherein brands, and marketers are finding it difficult to position themselves during this crisis. Startups are struggling to make their place in the market during the lockdown.

As the world is facing a tough situation, it’s time for brands to unite together and make tough decisions about their online presence and marketing budgets. Marketers need to come out of their panic modes and use the time to explore opportunities to move ahead.

Under such circumstances, startups need to use this time to support and improve brand image. Hope you rely on the smart SEO agency in London for the same!

Sounds great, right!

Aren’t you thinking about how to work when the whole country is facing lockdown? We have scouted a few digital marketing ideas for startup businesses during this tragedy.

1. Stay connected on social media

Social Media Marketing Platforms

We all know that social media is a powerful tool when used correctly.

In this period, everyone is locked in their homes and trying to figure out ways to run their businesses. Now people are all busy browsing the Internet, scrolling social media platforms and staying connected through video conferencing.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the social media sites wherein startup businesses can get their target audience. Select a social media channel according to the target audience wherein you can introduce your brand and also receive feedback from the users. Interact with the audience by posting blogs, liking pages and answering their questions.

Show solidarity by contributing to the underprivileged people with grocery or food packets. It’s like promoting your good deeds using social media marketing strategies.

All brands need to stand united and help the society with all the necessary resources, education and all the support required during this time of global crises.

2. Improve your presence

The search traffic has significantly increased over the past few weeks and will continue to grow. People are either looking for entertainment or working from home. As people are at home, it’s evident for them to find ways to kill time online. Don’t get shocked if you see your wife is browsing for all the online shopping portals!

It’s not the time to hide away; you need to boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to improve your SERPs (search engine results pages) such that your business is easily found. If you stop now, then you may lose sales and cut on revenue.

3. Spoiler: Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is the best option now

This is the best opportunity to increase your PPC advertising to connect with customers and move ahead of your competitors. Isn’t it an affordable alternative to save some penny from your digital marketing budget?

Cost-per-click (CPC) is likely to decrease, but PPC advertising can help you scoop up the lost market share.

It’s essential to strengthen your digital marketing game and increase traffic and conversions due to reduced competition which is the best solution to maintain exposure and manage your budget. Get started with People First Marketing, a preferred PPC Agency in London.

4. Offer special discounts

You need to support your customer base by providing exciting offers, discounts and likewise to keep your revenue flowing. This time people are hunting for offers to save money and also pass their time.

It’s essential to identify your product-market fit and send out a special offer to engage people and generate revenue to pay your employees. Unveil special offers using PPC and social media.

5. Equip yourself for the bounce-back-surge

We are acquainted with the fact that SEO is a long-term strategy. It means that pausing your work can negatively impact your organic search traffic and revenue.With this situation in hand, you need to be extra cautious and bring in a steady flow of money to keep your business working.

The time is to anticipate and prepare for the future, which is uncertain.

6. Adhere to local SEO strategies

In these difficult times, people are searching for nearby destinations for services and supplies before leaving their houses. Make sure you optimise your website for ‘near me’ searches. It’s like giving a comfort zone to your customers and providing necessary assistance.

Work to improve your Google review profile. Yes, we know many businesses will not add reviews due to closures and lack of attention, but you can create a competitive advantage with a proactive approach. You can also start an Amazon marketing campaign to leverage eCommerce.

7. Make sure your plan is fluid

People who are quarantined are currently looking for ways to stay updated about the current scenario, new business methods, other business’s reaction to the current business environment and a lot more.

Let your business inform people about all the things happening.

Acquaint them about what the grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, hospitals are doing to curb this situation. Help them by giving solutions to their pain points which is the need of the hour.

Pro tip: Your business should be agile and ready to pivot quickly.

For many such smart moves, contact People First Marketing, a preferred SEO agency in London!

8. Utilise the time to finish your to-do lists

You have ample amount of time to redesign your website, add (call-to-actions) CTAs, perform an SEO audit, revise marketing strategy, etc. to give a fresh look and feel to your site. It’s the best time to self-improve and ponder back to the roots to ensure to increase your SEO presence or maximise your optimising strategies.

Summing up!

Most importantly, don’t fall prey to the panic move. We are bound to get scared owing to the increase in the coronavirus hysteria. Don’t make any decision out of panic and always use metrics to analyse the situation. These strategies would help startups to create their brand image and increase their revenue.

Stay alert and updated with the sudden shift in the economy or market. People will always rely on Google to sort their problems.

Don’t shy away from digital marketing; it’s the time to get your hands on profitable marketing channels and support people during this war-like situation.

If you want to retain customers and strengthen your business, then you should use this opportunity to jump into action with new strategies to build your brand.

Take care and stay safe!

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