The Power of NOW, Stop Procrastinating

October 12th 2020

Life is happening in the present moment

The human mind is like a galloping horse. It keeps on racing, either dwelling on the past that can never come back or anticipating the future that is yet to come. While swinging between the past and the future like a pendulum, we often lose out on the “now,” the present moment.

These days, many people have resorted to mindfulness and spirituality to enlighten their souls and experience both physical and mental wellbeing. The focus of all these activities is to train the mind to remain in the present moment. That’s because life is happening now. Existence is happening in the present moment.

Procrastination: Why you do it?

Leading a mindless life often puts you in the shackles of an extremely destructive habit—procrastination. We all procrastinate at some point in time. But if procrastination renders you dysfunctional to carry on with routine tasks and empties you out of all happiness, it becomes a matter of concern.

Some people often find a sense of comfort in daydreaming because it becomes a mechanism to escape the discomfort presented by life in the real moment. Instead of sorting out the mess in the house, preparing your resume for a new job, or committing to a responsibility, your mind whisks you away to an imaginary world. In this world, you feel these activities won’t bog you down.

People may cite various reasons—lack of energy, being broke, or being stressed, etc.—to not do what they are supposed to be doing now. However, at the core of procrastination lies fear. It can be the fear of failure, being emotionally hurt, looking foolish, or facing the stark reality of life. All you wish to feel is a sense of safety by avoiding the task. But you cannot avoid the consequences of procrastination. It certainly takes a toll on your career, finances, relationship, business, health, and your overall wellbeing.

Overcoming procrastination and making a positive difference

The simple key to overcoming procrastination lies in embracing today, the power of now, and thinking that there is no tomorrow. Now is the best time to do whatever you wish to do—be it changing a job you dislike, taking up a course, doing daily chores, or anything positively life-changing you want to pursue. Here are some easy ways that can help you break this destructive habit:

1. Be mindful: The first step in breaking any habit, including procrastination, is becoming aware of its existence. Whenever you find yourself pushing a task to later, acknowledge that you are procrastinating and give yourself the push to get going with it. However, try not to be too harsh on yourself. Be patient with yourself.

2.Do the task in smaller chunks: One of the major reasons why you may be procrastinating is because you find a task too overwhelming. It either feels unmanageable or too tough to do. The key here lies in setting small, actionable goals and breaking the task into smaller chunks. Take one step at a time. It’s only then you can climb the entire flight of stairs without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Eliminate distractions: Set a time for yourself and cut off all possible distractions during that time. It’s natural to see your mind wandering off, but you need to maintain a laser-sharp focus on your work. Whenever you notice yourself drifting away, tell yourself that you will have all the leisure time to do so after you finish your work.

4. Reward yourself: It’s easy to fall back into the trap of procrastination if you don’t feel motivated. You can trick your mind into doing more by rewarding yourself and celebrating small to big achievements. It can be a movie time, a wonderful treat, or catching up with a friend—only after you finish doing what you were supposed to do.

Breaking a deep-seated habit like procrastination is not possible overnight. You need to make a conscious effort to make a difference. Just embrace the philosophy that the present moment has a lot in store for you, and procrastinating will cause you to lose out on these beauties of life. With time, patience and deliberate effort, you will surely see the change in your life.

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