Stay Safe During The Global Pandemic

October 5th 2020

Stay Safe During The Global Pandemic

The fight against COVID-19 is still on.

Nobody ever imagined that a virus outbreak in China’s Wuhan province would quickly cross international borders and take the shape of a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed ushered in unprecedented times—something that the present generation has never witnessed. So far, more than 40,000 deaths have taken place in the United Kingdom alone. Sadly, the number of deaths and positive cases is only rising globally with each passing day.

The global vibe is that of grief, loss, panic and sadness. Several families have been shattered as their near and dear ones have lost their lives. Several people across the globe have either lost their jobs or had to close down their businesses because of the lockdown and social distancing norms. The symptoms of the virus are similar to that of a common cold or influenza—something we all keep having now and then. But unfortunately, those with comorbidities like cancer, HIV, or diabetes succumb to it because of an already-compromised immune system. That’s the novel nature of the coronavirus.

The global battle against the pandemic is still on. People are individually and collectively fighting with it each day. The last couple of months may have been extremely terrible for you. Maybe you are grieving the death of a beloved or facing the anxiety of job uncertainty. No matter what you are going through right now, you need to give yourself the best fighting chance. You are not alone in this war, and you need to keep fighting till it’s over, whenever that is.

Safety tips to follow during the pandemic

Since the novel coronavirus knows no boundaries and is infecting people indiscriminately, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself and others around you safe. Here are some safety tips to follow while keeping up with your battle against COVID-19:

· Follow WHO guidelines: The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a range of public safety guidelines to follow during this pandemic. You need to stay abreast of these guidelines and follow them dedicatedly to keep yourself and others safe. Wash your hands often with a disinfectant soap and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your face, and, most importantly, maintain social distancing norms by avoiding crowded places. Even if you step out of your house, don’t forget to wear a mask and disposable hand gloves to avoid coming in contact with respiratory droplets of others’ sneeze or cough.

· Disinfect your spaces: Cleaning your home and open spaces is a must during the pandemic. Your phones, tabletops, computer system, door knobs, or any other open surface will need regular cleaning with a disinfectant solution (preferably alcohol-based) to reduce the likelihood of the virus thriving on them.

· Follow quarantine norms: If you or a family member shows the typical symptoms of the virus, such as fever, cold, and dry cough, you need to quarantine for 14 days immediately. If you have these symptoms, separate yourself from the rest of the family and ask your family members not to meet anyone. This is particularly important if anyone in your family has comorbidities that reduce the body’s immunity. Depending on your age, your body can fight off the virus, and symptoms will go in a few days. In case they don’t, please get in touch with the NHS through its helpline number.

Closing lines

It’s still uncertain when the pandemic will end. There’s obviously time for global immunisation to take place. But the fight against it has to continue. It’s completely natural to feel anxious during these tough times. That’s a collective phenomenon, but you need to stay strong no matter what. Always remember that having a positive mindset can help you get over any conundrum that comes your way. Just like all the challenges that humanity has faced so far, this too shall pass.

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