Health And Wellness UK Industry Trends

January 18th 2021

Health And Wellness UK Industry Trends

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the entire world, health and wellness became a crucial part of our everyday lives. One can easily say that 2020 saw the health and wellness industry grow exponentially. In the UK, health and wellness have always been a big business. But, the last year drove the industry to pick up new trends to cater to the pandemic-stricken public. Let’s look at some current trends in the health and wellness industry in the UK and the rest of the world.

Virtual workouts
Have you been trying hard to get fit but too lazy to hit the gym? Well, you no longer have to worry about getting to a gym to workout. Fitness centres and trainers are now functioning virtually. Getting fit in today’s situation is not just easy but convenient too as you can now stream your fitness classes into your home. From cardio to dance fitness and resistance training, there are professional-led virtual fitness classes for everyone. If you’re more of the strength training type, you may want to invest in equipment (we’re thinking dumbbells and barbells, etc.). Oh, and, you may probably convert one of your rooms into a private gym.

Body and mind restoration retreats
Being mostly stuck at home sans human contact – probably even far away from ones loved ones – is quite detrimental to one’s physical and mental wellness. But that’s precisely what the pandemic has brought our lives to, at least to a certain extent. While yoga and meditation retreats have been quite popular in the UK for some time now, we’ve been seeing an increase in problem-focused retreats of late. For instance, the rising number of divorces has led to the need for divorce-specific retreats to help individuals restore their emotional wellness.

Mental health
Anxiety and stress were at a record high during most of last year. The year, however, saw more open dialogue around mental health than ever before. Self-care is on top of everyone’s minds today as they wait for the pandemic’s end continues. With mental health being less stigmatized, people are constantly searching for new ways to ease their stress. This led to more and more people putting their mental health at the top of their priority list by indulging in therapy, meditation, journaling, and their hobbies.

Workplace wellness
Offices across the globe asked their employees to work-from-home around mid-March last year. While the WFH concept isn’t something new, it was never applied for such a long period earlier. So, it was extremely crucial for offices to keep their employees motivated and at their full potential. At the same time, it also became the corporate’s responsibility to cater to their employees’ wellness. And, this led to the explosion of the corporate wellness market. With wellness becoming prevalent across corporates, businesses are hiring their own wellness consultants and organizing weekly wellness sessions for their employees.

Welcome to the new high-tech world of wellness, commonly referred to as biohacking. It is believed that biohacking is developing rapidly in the UK and will be widespread in the next few years. So, what exactly is biohacking? You can say that it is a kind of preventive medicine which can help improve the vital indicators of a person to make them healthier and more productive. Biohacking takes into account all the vital processes and functions of the human body – nutrition, physical activity, mental and psychological state, and sleep.

In conclusion…
Millennials, as a generation, are more attentive towards their health than other older generations. And, as a result, they have shown the highest rate of participation in wellness programs as well. It is estimated that millennials alone spend almost a third of their income on self-care. The health and wellness industry is, therefore, booming like never before. As demand rises, it’s equally important for health and wellness companies to market themselves appropriately to amp up their business.

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