The Value Of An Omni-Channel Campaign

March 15th 2021

The Value Of An Omni-Channel Campaign

With the embracement of the digital lifestyle among shoppers, integrating omni-channel experiences has become essential for every business. Taking a multi-channel approach and providing a seamless experience for consumers in their journey as buyers, can convert them into long-term customers. The majority of the businesses focus on providing a multi-channel experience through websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Although they use these channels to engage with consumers, the experience and messaging aren’t consistent and seamless. Omni-channel marketing can help your business unite the strength of every medium you use, to communicate with your customers. By understanding your consumer’s interests and perspectives, you can deliver an effective and consistent brand message.

Continue reading to find out how your business can benefit from an omni-channel campaign.

Value of Omni-channel campaigns for Health and Wellness businesses

With the health and wellness niche becoming increasingly competitive, how can you tap into this market? One solution is to opt for a marketing strategy that makes your business stand out. With omni-channel marketing, you focus on relevant channels to get your brand message across to people. As more online users become familiar with your business, they learn about your products and services. These types of campaigns have a direct impact on word-of-mouth marketing, as people share your messages with their friends and family. When you add more channels to your campaign, it increases the purchase and engagement rate. Omni-channel campaigns also help brands come up with an effective content framework and strategy. With all the available customer data, you can create the right content people want to go through, as it is relevant to them. Similarly, these types of campaigns help reinforce your brand message. By leveraging multiple channels for marketing, you can highlight the core benefits of your products and services.

As your messaging is consistent across all platforms, they will think about your brand when making decisions for their health and wellness. Also, when people see your content on different platforms, there is a higher chance they will get in touch with your business. Omni-channel marketing allows you to connect potential and existing customers. The valuable insights these campaigns provide help form a strong relationship, boosting customer retention in the long run.

Value of LinkedIn Lead Gen And Its Use In An Omni-Channel Campaign

LinkedIn has close to  740 million members and over 55 million companies from 200 regions globally. In the UK, 52% of LinkedIn users have an average income greater than £48,000 while 36% generate £34,000 - £48,000 annually. Running advertisements on LinkedIn increases purchase intent by 33%. As users use this platform professionally, they check their accounts and keep them up-to-date regularly. Due to this reason, it becomes easier to deliver relevant content to people interested in what you have to offer. Think about it, you don’t have to take a broad approach and see what works. You target the right people and scale the size of this audience. Depending on your requirements, LinkedIn has a wide variety of advertising formats to help achieve your goals. 

Social Media And Its Use In An Omni-Channel Campaign

Social media has become a part of people’s lives. As a result, you must be present where your shoppers are active. You can use these platforms to create a brand people can connect with, increasing your chances of success. These days, shoppers are highly informed and skeptical. As a result, you have to earn their trust before they purchase what you have to offer. It isn’t necessary to use social media to only run advertisements. They are also great platforms where you can provide solutions to the problems faced by shoppers. For example, if they have queries regarding your services, they can reach out to you on various social media platforms. Consumers love sharing their experiences online. When talking about your services on social media platforms, potential shoppers become aware of your brand. Also, people use social media to learn what others have to say about your business. This helps build trust while helping establish a community of like-minded people.

Email Marketing And Its Use In An Omni-Channel Campaign

 Another pillar in an omni-channel campaign is email marketing. Even though email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, it's expected to have 4.5 billion users by 2025. It opens up new opportunities to connect with shoppers and create a strong and long-lasting relationship. Once consumers subscribe to your email list, you can segment them based on the data you collect. This helps create personalised emails that have a higher chance of success. It boosts engagement while increasing the number of conversions. Depending on where shoppers are in the buyer’s journey, you can send relevant emails. For instance, if they downloaded a health and wellness PDF, you can follow up with an email asking what they think about it. Depending on how they behave online, you can strategize your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Emails are also excellent marketing mediums to include engaging copy and eye-catchy graphics. You can provide a better experience, guiding them through every stage of becoming a customer.

At the end of the day, you want to keep your customers happy with your business. With omni-channel marketing, you can ensure you support platforms popular with your shoppers. They can use channels that meet their requirements to reach out to your business. The goal is to create a unified and seamless experience in all domains – both physical and digital. With large volumes of data lying around for your business to use, you should leverage it to improve engagement and sales. It helps manage the experience of your shoppers from the moment they learn about your business to becoming a customer. In a landscape where consumers rely on technology, it becomes essential to find effective marketing techniques. Brands can no longer ignore omni-channel marketing in this day and age. Implementing a holistic approach is crucial as it prevents confusion and uncertainty. As this concept is still growing, you have time to start small and invest more in the future. Businesses who implement strategies to use digital channels with their stores will walk away with an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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