Serotonin & Depression

May 27th 2021

Serotonin and Depression

There is a link between your mind and body. A mental disorder like depression occurs because of physiological factors like a chemical imbalance. Serotonin - a mono amine neurotransmitter found in the digestive system, blood platelets, and the central nervous system is a contributing element in depression.

An Imbalance

As a chemical nerve cell product, the level of serotonin regulates various facets of the body. The right amounts of the chemical improve digestion, corrects mental fatigue, eliminates sleep disorders and heart-related ailments.

Depression unfortunately has become quite commonplace. Abject sadness occurs due to a limited supply of the mood-enhancing chemical in the brain. A doctor can address the issue of a serotonin imbalance once there is a concrete diagnosis.

Digestion, Anxiety, and Serotonin

Depression can strike you at any time causing havoc to the body. Frequent or limited bowel movements are often related to a low state of mind. It can become a hypochondriac situation when a person reeling with constant sadness ingests food that s/he does not need. The ripple effect is purging and puking.

People constantly sad and depressed invariably indulge in smoking, drinking, consumption of drugs - anything to get rid of the sorrow. This can cause a shift in the mental and physiological well-being of an individual. Of course, the only way forward is to refrain from the addiction that supposedly alleviates the sadness. It has been proven that low levels of serotonin cause erratic mood swings. This results in anxiety disorders and depression.

Sleep Disorders, Depression and Sex

The body and the mind must work in tandem. Limited amounts of sleep indicate if the serotonin receptor has been channelized or not. The right amounts of the chemical can leave a person refreshed. Insomnia occurs when the mind keeps wandering or if there is a chemical imbalance.

People experiencing low or hyperactive sex drives can put it down to a chemical reason! Low levels of serotonin increase the libido of both males and females and high levels decrease the urge. As a person works out the balance, depression, and sex do not have to go hand in hand or cause a shift in momentum.

A Blood Test

The right amounts of any chemical in the bloodstream will ultimately result in the body’s response. With the right levels of serotonin, the chance of depression may not come into play. Serotonin relieves tension, rids anxiety. For instance, a morbidly obese person may be suffering from anxiety-related depression. This could be on account of a limited supply of the chemical.

A doctor may call for a blood test to determine the levels of serotonin in the bloodstream. The doctor can work on a treatment plan by taking into effect the cause of the problem once the results are out. To put it in perspective, a patient with an irregular amount of serotonin in the body will be administered medication to correct the imbalance.

The Mind and Body Should be in Sync

A person who gets proper nutrition, vitamin D, exercises at least thrice a week, eats right, sleeps well, will probably have the right amounts of serotonin in her/his system.  At the end of the day, when the body does not produce the right levels the mind is thrown out of sync which can result in depression.

Depression can cause a person to think about things and situations that s/he would never think of otherwise. Simple methods like medication to improve serotonin levels, and being around positive people, makes a difference. Also, depression is not an ugly word, even the happiest person may find her/himself battling depression.

Dealing with depression is workable. You can get out of the woods with simple methods. Period.  

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