Your Choices Will Define Who You Are

November 9th 2020

Your Choices Will Define Who You Are

It may be a bitter pill to swallow for most of you, but it’s your internal belief system that creates your reality. Over the years, our experiences—both good and bad—have shaped our beliefs, behaviours and coping mechanisms. It all starts in early childhood when neural connections in our brains are forming. Different people have different childhood experiences. Some have received all the love and nurturing they need as a healthy upbringing, while others have survived abuse and trauma. Depending on your experiences, you may have been acting or behaving in a certain way as adults.

If you feel that changing these built-in patterns is impossible, you need to give it a second thought. Believe it or not, everything in life depends on the choices you make. If you choose to let go past patterns that are not serving you now, then you surely can.

How to go about with personal transformation?

Personal transformation is very much possible, and you don’t have to let negative psychological patterns from the past define who you are today. Here are some ways in which you can embark

on a journey of personal transformation and bring about a positive change in your life:

1. Identify your limiting thoughts.

It’s unfortunate that you have been trained by your circumstances to look at yourself and your life from a very narrow lens. You may have grown up internalising a belief that you are not good enough or you lack something. These very thoughts hold you from achieving what you wish in life. The key to success lies in identifying these limiting beliefs that you are having and changing the narrative you tell yourself. You need to create a whole new belief system that dictates the new reality you wish to create for yourself. It’s all about changing the negative, hyper-critical self-talk to a positive one.

2. Set goals for yourself.

Usually, people suffering from mental health issues or emotional turmoil come to realise that their condition is rooted in the fact that they aren’t living for themselves. Your life is solely your journey, and you alone have the power to choose what’s best for you. To transform yourself, you need to live for yourself. Set ten actionable and measurable goals you wish to achieve. You can set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals and track them. These goals can pertain both to your personal and professional lives. Once you learn how to prioritize yourself, you will start realising your self-worth and make a positive difference in your world and beyond.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

It’s natural to become comfortable with your present condition, irrespective of how it is. But if you wish to change yourself, you have to do things that make you uncomfortable. You cannot afford to be complacent and expect things to fall straight on your lap. You will have to make conscious efforts to achieve your life goals. The path to reinvention is fraught with risks and challenges. Life will throw down the gauntlet at you so that your soul learns and evolves. You need to get out of your comfort zone and face life as it comes. The result will be unbelievably positive and bright.

4. Keep learning.

This lifetime presents innumerable learning opportunities that help you expand your horizon. You need to open your heart and mind to them. Change comes only when you incorporate new learning. You need to open up to new people and experiences and internalize the positives that they have to offer. The internet is flooded with resources, stories, videos, and what not. Take time to go through them a day and seek inspiration. You never know whose story will make a positive difference in your life.

Change is the only constant, but it does not happen overnight. Just like a caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis to become a butterfly, you need to go through the same process to transform yourself. It’s a gradual process, and you have to trust it and be patient with yourself. With an unwavering commitment, you will surely see it happening.

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