Google Core Update May-2020

Rolling Out Second Core Algorithm Update

On 4th May 2020, Google’s Danny Sullivan announced a second core algorithm update for the year 2020. The first core algorithm update was announced in January 2020.

The rollout was pre-announced through the Google Search Liaison official twitter account with the name of the update as “May 2020 Core Update.” The broad core update would take almost 2 weeks to be fully implemented.

Twitter Update!

Google Search Liasion

Several times in a year, Google comes up with some significant changes in search of algorithms and systems. Out of these, the search engine giant announces a few of them that have a wide-range and remarkable impact on the SERP.

The First Core Algorithm Update Since The Hit of COVID-19

‘Coronavirus’ or ‘Covid-19’ were hardly the known terminologies back then when Google came up with the first core Update. Now with the world suffering from ‘coronavirus’, which is officially declared as a worldwide pandemic, there has been a significant shift in SERP.

COVID-19 is the most searched topic on Google than any other subject has ever been searched. Users are actively searching for topics surrounding the pandemic. News and updates on COVID-19 as well as buying essential products online, medical facilities and places offering remote services are the majorly searched topics. On the other hand, topics which were relevant earlier this year are not being explored much such as; Tourism, Live entertainment, and theatres have all seen a huge reduction.

If you are seeing immense traffic drop or keyword positions decreasing, avoid making a series of changes at this point.

Quick insights from the popular algorithm trackers showing the impact of COVID-19 on SERP, which is showcasing high fluctuations almost every day:



SEMRush Sensor

SEMRush Sensor
  • With many local businesses temporarily closed, the local search results are seeing many changes.
  • The Google Map Pack is currently highly volatile due to the pandemic.
  • Health and Wellness websites are witnessing massive fluctuations as Google is ensuring that no fake news is out through their SERP.

Is the ‘May Core Update 2020’ Advantageous for SEO?

Amid the economic crises, there many uncertainties around employment and have seen a substantial increase of clients pausing their services. Services offered by SEO are the most valuable when an algorithm update occurs. The more unpredictable update, the more valuable those services turn out to be.

SEO companies may soon experience a great rise in demand for their service. These companies will potential witness an enlightening feeling, when suddenly companies will be looking to invest in SEO to run their business by May 2020 when the Core Update fully rolls out.


As such, there is nothing to fix if rankings drop after a core update. Site owners will have to strive to make every piece of content, considering users’ queries.

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