Guide to calculate google ad Score

If you want to get the best out of your PPC efforts, then Google AdWords is the place to go.

It’s one of the best platforms to advertise yourself, and you can expect to receive double the return on investment.

Things aren’t always as easy as they sound, though. Hiring a PPC agency in London could prove to be beneficial to you.

You must estimate the quality of your ads, landing pages, and keywords so that you can work toward lowering your cost per conversion and gain way better ad positions.

This is where Google Ad Quality Score comes into the picture.

Let’s start with the basics.

The Meaning of Quality Score

It is essential to keep quality scores as high as possible. Most of the time, this is where businesses lack, and the results aren’t what they would have wanted them to be.

Quality score is measured in real-time and is an estimate of the relevancy of your landing pages, keywords, and ads (as we mentioned before).

According to Google, “Quality Score is calculated in real-time, every time your keyword matches a search query.”

With an agency that provides PPC management in London, you shall realize that the following factors are calculated when it comes to Quality Score:

  • Relevancy of the keyword

  • Relevancy of the keyword within a particular ad group

  • Landing page load items

  • Click-through-rate of the keyword

  • Account history

  • Experience of the landing page

  • Extensions related to CTR

  • The bias of the device and its location

  • History of CTR associated with URLs in the ad group

For all of you who have the budget or time to focus on only one factor, then choose to optimize your click-through-rates.

So how exactly can you ensure that you raise your AdWords Quality Score? Let us, People First Marketing, a PPC agency in London, explain!

  1. Put to use SKAGs
  2. You may have heard from a ton of sources that you should be using 10 to 12 keywords in a single ad group. But no, that’s a bad idea. In fact, even Google sets you up in a way that you fail.

    Your quality scores shall be dependent on

    • Ad relevance

    • Expected CTR

    • Landing page experience

    And to achieve all of these in a single ad group is going to be next to impossible. Writing ads to target each of the multiple keywords specifically to turn a substantial CTR is not possible.

    To combat this, you should be using three different match types or single match type. By using this method, you can considerably increase your quality score.

  1. Keyword Message Match > Ad > Landing Page
  2. Any knowledgeable PPC management in London will tell you that users tend to click on links rather quickly and arrive on your landing page when they know what they’re getting into. Your meta tag and description need to be clear if not, you won’t get the expected number of clicks.

    Getting what you searched for, is what is known as message match.

    Your quality score will decline if you’ve added additional steps in a user’s journey to getting what they want, i.e. you need to make sure that their landing page experience is on-point.

    With message match, you can expect a lift in your conversion rates of more than 212 per cent.

  1. 5 Ads per Group and Text Ads that Expand
  2. Let’s take a look at the limits of character length before we continue:

    • Headline 1 – 30 Characters

    • Headline 2 – 30 Characters

    • Description – 80 Characters

    You need to audit your ad groups as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to do it, then have a PPC agency in London do it for you. Expanded text ads are a great way to stir things up.

    When you run as many as five ads in a group, your chances of generating more conversions and clicks with these high-quality ads increases, keep a check on the performance and you shall be able to determine what works for you.

    And then when you add the factor of expanded text, you’re going to have more room to work with it. To write your ad, you need a combination of keywords, benefits, and call to action.

    The simpler your ad is, the more benefits you shall reap.


Quality score obviously has an impact on your Ad Rank, right?

In turn, your Ad Rank is going to impact your Cost per Click.

So, what you ultimately want is to reduce the costs you bear and increase your ranks.

Once you begin using the techniques we mentioned in this article, you shall see a change in your quality score. Individually, you may not be able to see a drastic change, but smartly combine them, and things will work out how you want them to.

One crucial aspect you need to remember, that people associated with PPC management in London will talk to you about is that CPA or Cost per Acquisition is also something that you need to draw your focus to.

On a score sheet, 1 to 3 are the lowest score you can achieve, and they’re the most expensive as well. Google sets a benchmark at 5.

According to this logic, you should be aiming to score a good 6+ score to be considered as being average.

If you really think about it, you will realize that AdWords quality score is not what can be considered as being linear. Scoring 8 cannot be considered being twice as good as scoring 4.

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