People First Marketing is a pioneering new type of company that benefits both businesses and individuals, bringing energy and dynamism to the online community. We are helping to heal the World by helping heal its people, and our mission is to create a community that shares that same passion which can do just that.

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About The Founder Of People First Marketing

People First Marketing are experts in Digital Marketing for Holistic Therapists & Alternative Healers. Founder, Suneel Buggal is a Reiki energy healer and has been an Enterprise Digital Marketing Consultant for over 7 years working for big tech companies on some of the World’s biggest brands. Using his wealth of experience and his passion for mindfulness, People First Marketing LTD was born.

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We believe that the best way to transform people and businesses is to unlock our potential found in working together for the greater good.

Our goal is to bring you to the forefront, to serve and heal more people than you have before. We will help you get closer to the people and bring them to you. By working together, there is so much more that we can all do to improve the holistic health and wellbeing offerings that exist today.

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Our core values underpin everything that we do, they are fundamental to our mission, they are our guiding principles.


We recognise that trust is fundamental to being able to work together. Integrity is central to everything we do. It is the guiding principle behind our holistic ethos, bringing harmony and mutual benefit.


We aim to expand our collective horizons and present new and exciting perspectives on business growth as well as health & wellbeing. Let’s work together and help heal the World.


Our world could do with a lot more kindness and compassion and our mission is to bring those ideals to the Digital Marketing sector. A compassionate culture is a valuable culture.

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People First Marketing totally surpassed our expectations, the way they seamlessly acted as an extension of our team was really helpful for us. Their expertise and skills were also abundantly clear, it was a fantastic solution for our business, it certainly transformed our marketing!

The passion and dedication that People First Marketing show toward all things health & wellbeing was something that we really warmed to and we felt that it added that extra something to our marketing that was unique and just right.

It's exciting to be part of a community that shares the same ethos and values that I do, namely wanting to do good through personal and corporate change. Together we can do better and these guys really believe in that and live it out!

Rodney Merritt

Project Manager

Karen W. May

Head of Marketing


Health & Wellbeing Enthusiast


Download our blueprint to learn how to market your health & wellness business. In our blueprint, you will see the exact steps we take for our clients to ensure they get found online.