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Is your business struggling to connect with its audience? Do you want an effective solution for it? Gone are the days when your business didn’t need an online presence. With the business world transforming its digital marketing presence on an everyday basis, there is a requirement to keep up with this trend in order to ensure your existence in the market.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising, the advertising trend, which is taking the whole world like a storm, is the effective use of social platforms in order to connect with your customers. It is the process of making sure that your brand’s presence is seen and felt, making your audience aware about your business as they spend time on their social channels.

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The Value Of Social Media Advertising

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If you want to connect with the desired audience, increase sales, drive traffic to your website or build strong relationships with your customers, it’s time to upgrade your digital marketing channel and take a more methodical and laser-focused approach.

It is essential to get your target audience to see your brand on specific networks with the use of demographic information. And if done well, it can yield exceptional and amazing results. We are a preferred Digital Marketing agency in the UK that you’ve been looking for! People First Marketing works strategically to ensure that your brand performs well on the social media platforms you desire. Such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We delve deeper to develop a seamless strategy focusing on content, ad spend and demographics of the audience.

Why Choose Us?

At People First Marketing, we focus on covering all facets when it comes to social media advertising including services like creation of strategy, maintaining your social presence, curation of engaging content, management of the brand, social reporting and analysis. We are a Social Media Marketing agency with a proven track record in directing and integrating smooth and engaging Social Media Marketing across some of the major social media platforms. We make use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our Process

Considering the Social Media Advertising costs in the UK, there are many benefits. A strong presence of your business is like a dream come true for a business. It is not only the modern digital world’s need, but it is also a way of climbing up the social media ladder at a fast pace in a cut-throat competitive industry. Our services follow a five-step process for social media advertising:

Step # 1: Know Your Objectives

It’s all about knowing where you want to go. Knowing your business goals is the best way when it comes to creating and optimizing your social media campaign. Opting for paid social media advertising without any in-depth market research and competitive intelligence will only burn a hole in your pocket and cost you a great deal of time. Since every brand has different goals, we realise it’s essential to establish a strategy, and then follow it accordingly.

Step # 2: Choose Your Platforms

Every business has it’s unique objectives and purpose. Deciding on which social media platforms for your campaign is the next step you have to take. We will provide the recommendations on which social media channels to use, for example, Facebook Advertising.

Step # 3 Select Your Target Audience

Targeting your social media audience is a daunting task. Whether you have just started or have had prior experience with social ads, finding a workable target audience is as important as the brand’s identity. Let us do the research so we can make data-driven decisions together. Lean on our expertise and experience.

Step # 4 Use Organic Content

At People First Marketing, we develop engaging and interesting content for your social ads. We realise that there are different paid platforms that you can choose from. Not every ad will work for your business. As a trusted SEO Agency, we leave no stone unturned to created authentic organic content. We ensure that we will make the best bet by blending in the content, posts, timelines and feed seamlessly into the social ads giving the audience an idea about how your brand works.

Step # 5 Create A Funnel For Users

We make sure to create marketing for potential customers or visitors funnel who might be interested in making a purchase at your store. Some of these layers include:

Awareness: Either they know about your brand or not, the first step is to attract a large number of people to your website. This is the first goal. This step in creating a funnel will help your business bring in several customers from across the globe of various age ranges and different backgrounds. So, if you are aiming to gain traffic rapidly, then perhaps Facebook Advertising would be an apt move!

Consideration: This is the searching or figuring phase. It provides relevance to an individual user, saying either they are a former customer, new prospect, potential sale or completely new to your brand. You need to form individual categories to regroup every individual to evade the chance of being a spammer.

Transaction: Transaction is the most cautious step because you want to make sure that you give one last push to your prospects with the help of the ads. Once you have hit it, avoid throwing sales pitching content to this chunk of your audience.

Our Guarantee

Offering extremely efficient and valuable services at affordable Social Media advertising costs in the UK, we guarantee that you will find the following with our services.

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