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Developed by our Founder, Suneel Buggal, our digital marketing blueprint to success is a 45-step plan actioned over six months. It was born from his experiences with working with many different clients throughout his career. He wanted to create an omni-channel marketing solution that encompasses the same high-level practises seen in Enterprise companies. Our blueprint is really exciting because it utilises multiple marketing channels, all interwoven to create a genuine holistic digital marketing offering. This makes our strategy an engaging, educational and innovative process where we are able to give small businesses the best chance to help them grow online. In our blueprint, you’ll also be able to find out more about our values and missions as a company and how we endeavour to implement this in our campaigns. In this blog, you can read a brief summary of our blueprint so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what our digital marketing strategy looks like and our business transformation goals.

The first part of our blueprint offers information about our company. You’ll be able to read more about our values, our mission and how your business will benefit from a partnership with us. We put the People First, serving you so that you can serve the people. So we want to make sure our goals as a company align with your values and needs; especially since we believe that the best way to transform people and businesses is to unlock our potential found in working together for the greater good.

In our blueprint you’ll find a timeline overview of what actions we’ll take each month. Month one is all about getting to know you, your business and your product/services. We start your onboarding which includes worksheets, an Interview Exploration session and an audit of your website. We also start SEO research and integrate necessary tech to your website.

Month two is where we present our content plan and start creating blog content for your website and your social media templates.

In month three, we take the copywriting further and start creating email content. We also finalise the website and landing page improvements and start to implement them.

Month four is a really exciting month! After months worth of planning and research, we start to roll out the email campaign and schedule the social media content. We also start planning your webinar and start Linkedin page enhancements and outreach.

In your penultimate month with us, month five, we launch the Facebook Ads, the webinar campaign landing pages, the eventbrite webinar advertisement and much more in the lead up to your event!

Finally, in month six, we co-host the webinar and have a final debrief. It might be the end of your partnership with us, but it’s the beginning of a long and prosperous journey of growth for your business! And remember, nothing gets actioned without your approval – we set up meetings every month to keep you updated with our digital marketing campaigns and plans, keeping you and your needs at the heart of everything we do.

People First Marketing

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