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In this blog, you’ll be able to learn more about how the webinar aspect of our Digital Marketing strategy works and what the process of creating, planning and launching the webinar looks like.

A key component of a client’s partnership with us is that we offer to create, market and host a webinar for them. During the webinar, our clients can present their business to a wide audience and discuss what they offer. It’s a great way to get exposure for their brand and gain new followers and it’s a chance to discuss what they’re passionate about and meet like-minded people who share the same ideals. The webinar will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from webinar stand-by to closing thoughts and we’ll require content from the client such as downloadable content, a Facebook post to share about the event, a stay on bonus and share bonus and a presentation – all of which People First will help guide the client on and prepare in the months leading up to the event.

There are two key players in the webinar: People First and our client. At People First, we manage the logistics and launch of the webinar. In month 4 (as seen in our blueprint to success), we start the process of launching your webinar in a meeting where we discuss content and strategy. We’ll start creating the webinar reminder emails leading up the event as well as multiple Facebook Ad campaigns to promote your business and webinar event on Facebook and Instagram which you then approve. We’ll help you purchase the Zoom webinar licence and in month 5, launch the webinar marketing campaigns; such as the landing page, email reminders, Facebook ads and Eventbrite page. And finally, the webinar takes place with our full support. People First will also have a representative to host the event. Their job is to position the client as the expert and help to streamline the webinar. Our host will have 6 tasks to complete in the lead up to the start of the webinar: they will welcome and introduce everyone, emphasise the purpose of the webinar and the benefits of attending, inform participants where they can access downloadable content which will assist the audience in learning and retaining what the presenter will teach, let the audience know about the webinar contest, where a participant will receive a prize for sharing a particular Facebook post, announce the stay on bonus as an incentive for people to stay for the entirety of the session and finally explain how and when the audience can ask questions. Our host will repeat these tasks in the 15 minutes up to the lead-up of the webinar.

Our client manages the presentation of the webinar. Our team will fulfil all strategic and technical duties, so our client has the freedom to really explore and discuss their business and what they’re passionate about. At the beginning of the webinar, the host reads through a predetermined introduction of the presenter. The structure of this introduction positions the client as the expert, so the audience knows who they are, their authority, why they are credible, and why the presentation is going to be relevant for them. The presenter then starts the official presentation – in the months leading up to the event, we’ll have a session with the client to discuss the content of the presentation and what they could talk about. 45 minutes after the official presentation begins, the presenter transitions to the offer and why people should consider your offering. We’ll then open up into a Q&A session, where the client answers any questions the audience may have or will have a list of common questions prepared if no questions come in live. Our client will end the webinar with a final thought, summarising the presentation, restating the big benefits, and reiterating the offer in terms of the deadline. Not only will our clients generate revenue from the event, but it’s a great way to grow their client base and capture new audiences, as well as offer a new way for their current audience to interact with the business.

We’ll offer all this information and more in a worksheet made available to you through a partnership with us.  If this webinar sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can use webinars to grow your business.

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