August 2nd, 2022 how to build and grow your audience list

In this blog, you’ll be able to read more about how to build, grow and serve your audience list and learn about how this will help to establish your brand in the community and nurture your relationship with your subscribers.

Through a partnership with People First, our client’s will gain access to education on our 3 stage approach to Digital Marketing. It doesn’t matter if our clients are in the very beginning stages of developing their business, these strategies will help them attract their audience and is something they can take away with them even after their partnership with us ends.

Stage one involves building our client’s audience. With our blueprint, we build audiences through Instagram, LinkedIn, Webinars, Websites/blogs and Facebook groups. It’s important to create content for these platforms and tailor them to each platform’s capabilities. The content needs to establish our client as the authority in their market, highlighting their experience and the services they offer. Consistency is also key when creating content; it’s important that our clients post consistent, quality content to remain at the forefront of their audience’s mind and in front of the people in their market that need their message. Above all, it’s important to engage with your audience. People want to interact with real people. So get in the comments and engage! This will help our client’s build their audience, and grow their credibility and trust with their audience. We use a simple but extremely effective formula to help our client’s create content: 12 problems x 4 solutions = 48 pieces of content. Our client brainstorms 12 problems their audience might face and create four solutions for each problem – this then serves as the basis for creating content. We then develop a content calendar where we can plan where and when you’ll share all of your content for the next 6 months.

Stage two is growing our client’s email list. The success of our client’s business and the amount of money they make is directly connected to the size of their list. A list builder gives our client’s a chance to get in front of a lot more people and welcome them into their world. It’s a chance to build value upfront, establish our client’s authority, add credibility, and be of service to their audience. List builders can range from pop-ups to landing pages and will offer something the target audience can use to learn more about our client’s business. Some ideas for a list builder include workbooks, FB groups, printables, worksheets, recommendations and much more! A good list builder will address and solve a specific problem that the client’s target audience can resonate with. It has a clear benefit and incentive for the target audience to sign up to the client list. It leads to a quick win for the audience that is available right away that will serve to establish trust between the audience and our client. And importantly, it positions our client as the expert in their industry.

Finally, stage three is about serving your email list and nurturing subscribers with content that will speak to them and get them to invest in you. There are four key phases to serving an email list. In short, the Connection Phase enables our clients to produce content that helps their audience connect with them and their values. The Awareness Phase makes the target audience aware of the transformation our clients can offer, and why this will benefit the audience. The Desire Phase gets our clients thinking about what they can share, teach, show, tell, or help their audience with. And finally, the Purchase Phase is where the client discusses why the target audience should invest in our client’s services and what they will get in return.

All of this information can be found in our Marketing Strategy Worksheet made available to you through a partnership with us. We’ll take you through each step in more detail and include action tasks and brainstorms for you to carry out to help you develop your Marketing Strategy. If this strategy sounds interesting to you and you’d like to learn more about our 3-stage approach.

People First Marketing

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